Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Alternate Revenue Scheme? or just plain pretty.

Someone, perhaps Bruce Ratner, has taken it upon himself to gussy up the Dean St. Wall with artificial flowers. Maybe the developer was feeling some remorse for blighting up an unblighted neighborhood for so many years. Or maybe to coincide with the recent announcement that the arena won't be built for at least 4 years, FCR has decided that they should try to make some extra bucks by renting out the footprint as a wedding venue.

Either way, it's a welcome addition to our local landmark and I appreciate them finally taking a little pride in their work.

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Anonymous said...

The Dean Street Wall has now been given a partner, the Sixth Avenue Wall. take a walk over there, you'll see.

if they can't take Freddy's by eminent domain, they'll put it out of business by blocking the door from customers.