Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mr. Markowitz Tear Down This Wall

I put up a contact email recently thinking that maybe someone would have something juicy to send my way and boy payoff was quick. But before I get to the payoff allow me to give a brief history of walls.

Great Wall of China- Built 6th century BC to help fortify northern Chinese borders.
The Green Monster - Built in 1912 to prevent home runs.
Berlin Wall - Built in 1961 to keep East Germans from fleeing to West West Germany
The Tortilla Wall - Built in the early 1990s to keep Mexicans from crossing over into The U.S.
Israel West Bank Wall - Built in 2003 to protect Israeli civilians from Palestinian terrorists
Dean Street Wall- built in 2008 to dehumanize and hide the residents of the controversial Atlantic Yards Project site from the outside world. And also maybe keep them from wondering drunkenly out of Freddy's and into a ravine.

Ok, so avoiding hyperbole is not my strong suit. Point is, the world's latest controversial wall led one local to create the following audio clip by substituting relevant names into Reagan's famous "Tear Down This Wall" Speech". He asked I don't post his name, but I shall post the audio. Enjoy..

edit: here is a new link to this mp3:


Anonymous said...

I knew Mikhail Gorbachev; Mikhail Gorbachev was a friend of mine. Marty, you're no Mikhail Gorbachev.

Anonymous said...

They also cut down three or four trees to build this wall (all of the trees on one side of the block, including one very old/large tree on the corner of Dean & Flatbush). One of the workers told me the city is required to plant a tree for each one they cut down, but of course they are not required to plant it in the same place! Now that it's summer, we could really use some shade! I assume nothing is going to be planted until the stadium (or something else) is built, which could be years. Thanks for curing our neighborhood of blight, Mr. Ratner.