Friday, August 8, 2008

What They’re Thinking

I am still here in Mexico. Still enjoying the relative tranquility, when I got this insight posted on one of the videos I have made:

sg1920 wrote:
My brother is a head foreman on the Nets stadium project, so its gonna be funny when he knocks down your apt. and is bangin chicks from the Big Pimpin' video with Jay-Z and Lebron James and slamming Krystal with massive amounts of cocaine spanning both three point arcs


And here I thought that the reward for the people involved in this project was strictly monetary, or in the case of Markowitz, to fulfill the hole left in his heart when the Dodgers skipped town. But as it turns out, the people in charge of this project also get joy from knocking down homes, partaking in orgies with video chicks (from 8 years ago), rappers and basketball stars, slamming rather than sipping Krystal champagne, which I can only assume is some sort of bathtub version of Cristal champagne, and doing massive amounts of coke.

No wonder the project is moving along so slowly and is being so badly managed. At least they aren’t wasting money on high end champagne.

I also recently had this comment posted on a different video, which I can only assume was written by the brother:

mcpeakpw wrote:
"Haha! Eminent Domain Rules!"

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