Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FCR is a crap landlord

I have had some crap landlords. Once, my apt. flooded with sewage and it took three days for my landlord to react. It was my own private Katrina. That was awful. That landlord just opened a pizza shop in Carrol Gardens. I'm sure it's great. Tell him he still owes me my $700 deposit.

My current landlord hasn't been faced with a similar disaster, thank goodness, but I am confident that were one to arise, FCR, the owner of my apt. building, would do terribly. I have been trying to get in touch with our property managers for three (3!) months to handle a couple of repairs. My kitchen is falling apart and my bathroom requires a plumber. I have called or emailed just about every week, sometimes several times per week and have either been blown off or ignored each time. The management company is Esquire Management, and they can only be described as negligent.
The photos to the left are of our front steps, which have been gradually falling apart. Recently an attempt to keep the steps from crumbling was made. See that hard foam that was sprayed into the cracks on either side? Looks nice don't it? Why stop there? There are a lot more cracks on those steps that could use a good foaming.

Sometimes I feel like FCR is doing the bare minimum to keep this building standing until it comes time to take it down. The problem is that my rent remains the same even as they shirk their responsibilities. Given that FCR is in the business of acquiring tenants I shudder to think what it would be like should AY get built.

When I suck at my job I get a demotion, yet when FCR sucks at theirs they get more city funding.
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