Thursday, July 3, 2008

Get The Hell Off My Lawn

Get The Hell Off My Lawn
Welcome to The Footprint
Where you can’t hear yourself think
Cause folks from Jersey needed jobs of their own
They’re building our arener
But I know what’d be keener
If you would get the hell off of my lawn

Oh get the hell off of my lawn
You boys just don’t belong
We’ve been here years, cracking jokes and drinking beers
Oh get the hell off of my lawn
Didn’t wanna write no country song
But you left me no choice, now go on git goin’.

Pro basketball is lame
As would be the teams name
Brooklynettes ain’t gone get no respect
So quit spending all my money
On something so dumb it’s the last thing this town needs, get the hell off my lawn

Brooklyn don’t need no stadiums, shopping malls or Canadians
This neighborhood been coming along just fine
So put your project elsewhere like somewhere out in Delaware
And leave us nice city folks behind

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